Introducing Payments 2.0

Cashless and Paperless Expense Management

Transform the way your company is managing re-reimbursements, expenses and petty cash. Custom solution to seamlessly integrate with your corporate needs. Paymint's EMS is a comprehensive solution for your corporate's expense management. Completely paperless, the solution is highly customizable and can be launched from our existing hosted platform or it can even be configured inside your corporate cloud services by suitably securing your platform.A Multi-wallet virtualized card combined with white labeled EMV Card for your employees. Single wallet for individual rewards, periodic reimbursements and travel. Best alternate to existing legacy cash based petty cash management. Cards for special purposes.

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Paymint Prepaid Cards

Our experts are integral part of thousands of rural banking and non-banking financial institutions. Paymint’s prepaid card for cash withdrawals has now become more versatile and intuitive with digital push. The newly connected system provides seamless transaction from the core banking system on open payment platform using RuPay. Not just that Paymint’s multi-lingual mobile application ensures the users to access the right solution at anytime including utility bill payment, travel reservations, etc.

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Expensify - Connected Technology

Expensify is one of the most advanced expense management system that is flexible, intuitive yet easy to deploy. Expensify seamlessly integrates with any of your corporate accounting systems as per your requirement. Expensify also is capable of integrating with your Corporate HR System for issuance and authorization. Cash Expense Management - Expensify enables cashless and paperless cash expense management. Provides payment using open system payment instrument on RuPay Platform. Your users can now do cashless expenditure on any merchant online, offline using EMV Card or QR Code. To retain cashlessness, the product does not allow ATM Withdrawals unless specifically requested by Corporate. Moreover, Expensify captures the transaction at source ensuring its authenticity. Coupled with the intuitive front end Expensify’s powerful back-end system ensures efficient yet easy administration and approval workflow.

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Key Features

Employees could download and install your corporate labelled Applications for their Android and iOS mobile phones. Wallet activation through a portal request by employee followed by activation code based on corporate authorization policy.

Comprehensive Expense Solution bundled with Payment Solution. Push messages and alerts for all involved in the workflow and functionalities to rapidly act on.

Real time expense tracking

Full compatibility with most devices. Corporate can customized re-imbursement policy in accordance with existing policies.


Multi-level approval system. Real time expense tracking and movement tracking where permitted by user/corporate.

100% paperless

Capable of going 100% paperless on corporate expense management.

RuPay Cards

Attractive multi-purpose RuPay Card for your users with Corporate Branding.

Meal Card Only

- Tax Saving 
- Restricted Usage 
- Corporate Employees 
- Plastic Card 
- Corporate co-branding option

Meal Card and EMS

- Multi-Wallet Card 
- Fully integrated CMS 
- Digital Wallet with corporate branding 
- Seamless integration with corporate system 
- Hosted solution 
- Multiple pricing models

Corporate Premium Services

- Multi-Wallet Card with GPR Option 
- Fully integrated CMS 
- Digital Wallet with corporate branding 
- Seamless integration with corporate system 
- Hosted solution 
- Multiple pricing models

Travel Management

Designed to perfectly fit into your travelling staff. Built-in travel services if preferred. Efficient payment tracking.


Mobile application (digital wallet) available in both Android and iOS platforms. Secured and certified application. 


Highly customizable at application and server level. Secured to ensure unauthorized changes.


No more printing. Digital submission of bills and settlements go through defined workflow.


Excellent motivator and relief from legacy paper coupons. Increased perception and hassle free usage of your meal allowance be it staff canteen or restaurant.


Issue Rupay debit cards to your society members. Direct integration with CBS and real time authorization made possible only with Paymint Cards.


No fear of losing money from your card. Option to switch off/on card from the Mobile Application. Choose which wallet to use depending on the purpose securely.


QR Code payments enabled for peer payments, merchant payments, inhouse instant payments, etc., Encrypted QR and tokenised security.

What sets us apart

Perfect solution for progressive businesses. Paymint's Corporate EMS and Virtual Debit Program supports businesses to seamlessly adopt under built ready and customizable modules.

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