MyPay Payroll card is similar to a bank debit card and can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash at ATMs. MyPay payroll is the best payment solution for bringing your unbanked employees into banking while grossly reducing the hassle of cash disbursement. It not always easier to provide and maintain savings bank accounts to all your employees. It is however, mandatory to make salary payments only through bank accounts in most states in our country.

Needless to mention numerous advantages MyPay payroll including hassle free disbursement, better image of your organization and many more.

Eliminates the errands of costly pay cheques or cash disbursement

Employer can load with amount up to Rs.50,000

Eases lives of unbanked employees by maximizing direct payment

If stolen or broken, one can hotlist the card

Highly competent customer service

Enabled with card to card money transfer for sending money to your loved ones

Accessible at all ATMs and VISA Merchant Outlets

Can be accessed online

Card is reloadable

Reduces cost of disbursement

Enhances brand identity

Immediate access to salary

Eliminates paper work