Exchanging gifts is a figurative for the love and care we are filled with for our loved ones. However, buying a gift tends to be hectic at times, especially when one is unaware of the tastes and preferences of the person one wishes to gift. A Paymint Delight Gift Card saves one from the trouble of looking for a gift alongwith taking care of one’s loved ones choice. It is a refreshing change from the traditional gift vouchers and infact a breath of fresh air. Gifting the freedom of choice.


It is a non-reloadable VISA card

Can be loaded with an amount ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.50,000

If stolen or broken, one can hotlist the card

No hidden costs

Cannot be used outside of India


Multiple options for the receiver

Can be purchased online through bank payment, debit or credit card or simply call for a COD

More appealing than gifting cash

The credit can vary from occasion to occasion

It is an innovative way of taking the idea of gifting to the next level