A simple replacement to your bank account without a hassle of having a bank account. XESS a multi-purpose reloadable card can loaded and used as you wish. The card also allows ATM withdrawal. XESS could be your first bank account or you can obtain XESS to be used for numerous purposes.

Safe to use a XESS card for POS and online transactions without having to risk your entire bank or credit balance on your debit/credit card


It is a VISA card

Accessible at all ATMs and VISA merchants across the country

Can be loaded with amount upto Rs.50,000

Can be loaded multiple times before the expiry date

If stolen or broken, one can hotlist the card

No hidden costs

Cannot be used outside of India


Load and use XESS to remain within the monthly spending

Enables remittance from anywhere in India

Safe alternative to your credit/debit cards when used online or POS

Payment and transaction history can be tracked online

Attractive cash back schemes